Gold Medal Worthy Goodies

I spent a majority of the past weekend avoiding the summer showers, huddled around the TV with good friends… and of course, watching the 2012 London Summer Olympic opening ceremonies! We sipped on spicy watermelon margaritas, ate muscles that we cooked in a pot over the fire, and roasted marshmallows for dessert. It was the perfect weekend and the food was fantastic, however something was missing – with all the exciting events of the Olympics beginning I couldn’t help but regret that I wasn’t prepared with patriotic treats (and though I kept dreaming up cute ideas I never quite made it to the store). So this weekend, I will be sure to attend the festivities with American inspired sweets in hand! I’ve spent a good part of my morning immersed in dozens of great recipes … Recipes that look too good to keep to myself! If you are hosting, or attending a Summer Olympics party here are some of my top picks for USA themed goodies!


(From top left: Ginger Cranberry Cocktail Blueberry Cheesecake , Chocolate- Dipped PretzelsCake in a JarRed, White, and Blue SangriaStrawberry Tart )

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